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Get the Scoop from ARK 11's PR Agency: Saltine Communications Drives Official Media Launch

Updated: Jun 8

Join us on the ride as Ark 11’s dedicated PR Agency for its groundbreaking launch, and uncover the meticulous media strategies driving the collaboration between technology and nightlife innovation

Have we ever even imagined an AI Nightclub? Or an AI bartender perhaps? In a vibrant tapestry of Singapore's nightlife and cutting-edge entertainment, a luminary emerged - ARK 11. Marketed as "Singapore’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered futuristic nightclub," ARK 11 stood as a beacon of innovation, experiential indulgence and bringing Sci-fi into another level.

At the core of this visionary project were Vallence Huang, Jenssen Yu, and Daniel Cheng, whose collective passion for technology and entertainment ignited the genesis of ARK 11. Drawing from their diverse expertise, ranging from hospitality to finance and technology, this trio envisioned a revolutionary nightlife experience that seamlessly integrated technology and human interaction.

A Symbol of Innovation: The ARK 11 Experience

As we step into ARK 11's realm, it embodies innovation, exquisite craftsmanship, and an adventure-filled spirit. This place isn't just about music and drinks—it's a sensorial journey paying homage to those who pioneered futuristic entertainment. Beyond beats and sips, ARK 11 crafts an intricate world merging tech, human touch, and captivating experiences. It's an immersive escapade through a realm of sights, sounds, and sensations, redefining the essence of nightlife with its futuristic sanctuary.

Celebrating the Future of Nightlife

As we raise our glasses to ARK 11, we salute the bold visionaries behind this cosmic creation. The launch event, fuelled by the dynamic collaboration between Saltine Communications and ARK 11, marks a new era in Singapore's nightlife.

Here's to ARK 11 and its futuristic odyssey, where technology and humanity converge to craft an unforgettable experience. Join us in celebrating the emergence of a nightlife revolution that transcends boundaries and propels us into a cosmic future!

Saltine Communications is privileged to stand as the chosen PR agency for ARK 11's pioneering journey in Singapore. We're thrilled to share in our client's milestones as their dedicated PR partner in Singapore! Connect with us at to explore how we can elevate your brand through media exposure at accessible rates.

Let's delve into ARK 11's array of media features, a testament to their prominence and recognition within the industry:

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