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Hear from Aloysa Atenzia’s PR Agency: Saltine Communications Drives National Golfer’s Push For Turning Pro

Updated: Jun 8

Follow us along our journey as Singapore national golfer Aloysa Atenzia’s dedicated PR agency in Singapore for 2023 and uncover the media strategies behind an effective PR campaign for her push to turn professional. 

For national golfer Aloysa Atienza, golf was something that was always a mainstay in her family home, since a very young age. From the age of nine, she was introduced to the sport by her father and began attending lessons on weekends with her brother and cousin, becoming like a family routine for her family. 

What started out as a hobby for Aloysa quickly became something that she felt she could do professionally, when she first received her call-up to the national team in 2020. It was at that moment that the then-21 year old starting harbouring dreams of turning professional, when she achieved an incredible run of results in 2022, which eventually culminated in her winning an individual silver medal in her SEA Games debut, as well as notching several top-10 finishes in international tournaments in Australia and the United States. 

Now 25 years old, Aloysa is meticulously preparing herself for the next phase of her career.

In her quest to become a professional golfer, Atienza has been strategically travelling and competing with top-ranked players. Spending the last few months in the United States since May, she has gained invaluable experiences playing on different courses and adapting to varying conditions. This exposure has further honed her skills and allowed her to grow both as an athlete and an individual, setting her up for success in her professional endeavours.

However, the life of a professional athlete can be quite lonely and challenging, with long hours dedicated to mastering their craft, and sometimes hefty sums to be forked out for trips to compete in tournaments overseas. While Aloysa has benefited from scholarships and funding provided by the Singapore Golf Association (SGA) and the EFG-SGA Elite Young Golfers Scholarship (a partnership between the association and Switzerland’s EFG Bank) to compete in the LPGA qualifying tournament in the United States, funding and sponsorship remains a top-of-mind priority for her as she continues on her path to turn pro. 

To boost her chances of securing funding and scholarships to participate in overseas tournaments, Aloysa is leaning on her consistent performances, as well as press coverage to increase visibility as a golfing prospect in Singapore. 

Saltine Communications is proud to be the PR agency on record for Aloysa Atienza in 2023. We’re happy and honoured to be able to celebrate our clients’ achievements alongside them! Drop us a note at to find out how we can get your brand onto the media at affordable rates.

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