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Liht Organics Reinvents Clean Beauty with Makeup Safe Enough to Eat

Updated: Jun 8

Gone are the days where big brands can get away scot-free without being environmentally conscious - the makeup industry is no different! With shelves stocked with an endless array of cosmetic products made up of organic and natural ingredients, it seems increasingly difficult to make the right choice. However, many brands only hop on the clean beauty bandwagon as an advertising gimmick, producing greenwashed products in reality which cloud the definition of organic makeup. This is where our client, Liht Organics, stands out as a game-changer that could make up for such cosmetic crimes (pun intended).

Naturally, this begs the question: How organic must Organic be? In contrast with many greenwashed products on the market that use only a small percentage (often less than 10%) of organic and natural ingredients, Liht Organics overachieves by producing cosmetics consisting of more than 90% natural ingredients. This is no small feat as it saves not only the environment but the consumers as well - allowing consumers to take respite from traditional makeup injected with chemicals that are highly detrimental to our skin. Their cosmetics contain USDA-certified organic ingredients, zero nanoparticles or harmful chemicals while being vegan and cruelty-free. Liht leaves no stones unturned in meeting customer preferences.

We live in an era characterized by a certain standard of ‘wokeness’ and brands are under unprecedented levels of public scrutiny and consumer expectations. Research by The Soil Association – a charity organization that champions caring for our natural world – found that 72 percent of consumers said they would lose trust in a brand if they found out that a product that said organic on the label was not certified and could not meet organic standards. Thankfully, Liht Organics has set the bar high for the clean beauty industry with high performance, super-organic makeup that has a shade for all skin tones, solving the beauty industry’s most perennial problems with elegance.

Recognizing the instrumental role that Liht Organics could play in reinventing the clean beauty industry, we are extremely honoured to have had the opportunity to help them tell their story - a truly organic cosmetic brand that is prided to be safe enough to eat. Indeed, as quoted by Liht Organics founder Nerissa Low: “Clean beauty shouldn’t be considered a niche market, an exception to the rule - it should be an essential standard.” Keeping this spirit in mind, we reached out to our media friends to arrange interviews with Nerissa to expound on how the Liht story came to be as well as the bigger issues plaguing the beauty industry.

Because of how revolutionary Liht Organics is, our media friends were also excited to spread the word about the brand. Tatler Singapore included Liht Organics in their ‘19 Local Skincare Brands in Singapore That You Should Know About’.

We are extremely excited to have big-name publications such as The Female Culture, Honeycombers review the Liht Organics products. We are also pleased to have such our media friends such as Lifestyle Collective, Singapore Motherhood, Ladies Cue, Nuyuo, The Asian Parent, Alvinology emphasise the wonders and benefits of organic beauty products.

Saltine Communications is proud to be the PR agency on record for Liht Organics. Drop us a note at hello at to find out how we can get your brand onto the media at affordable rates.

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