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Peachy Skin Bar Reimagines The Ultimate Facial Experience In The COVID-19 Era

Updated: Jun 8

Finding the right kind of skincare treatment from the endless stream of packages, and recommendations can be tough. That is why Singapore’s first-ever bespoke membership facial salon, Peachy Skin Bar, has entered the space to fix the problem.

Most facial salons would tap on hard-selling and unsolicited criticisms on your skin to get you to purchase their treatments, regardless of what is actually needed for you. Peachy Skin Bar, however, has paved its own way with its fixed membership tier system, which allows customers to pick the type of treatments they require with complete transparency.

As someone who has encountered distasteful experiences in facial salons in the past, Peachy Skin Bar’s founder Crystal Lee knows firsthand how unpleasant experiences can deter people from pampering themselves. She has armed herself with 20 years of experience from growing up in a humble home beauty salon run by her mother. Now, she has taken all that she has learnt into her bespoke beauty salon, Peachy Skin Bar.

With that in mind, Peachy Skin Bar promises to greet customers to a zen haven with a relaxing atmosphere exuded from its peach-toned interior space. They are treated to the salon’s ‘bar-tub’ filled with drinks and snacks before they begin their soothing TLC session.

Peachy Skin Bar also stands among the very few facial salons in Singapore that offer Super Hair Removal, which is essentially a more advanced version of IPL. The process utilizes gentle laser pulses while peppering contact cooling for a painless hair removal experience. However, the ultimate saving grace is the salon’s signature Omakase treatment, where the beautician analyses your face and offers a complete set of services with different aesthetic devices, custom blend products and facial massages that are fit for a queen. So, it's no surprise that the Omakase treatment is a crowd-pleaser among beauty editors and celebrities like Jamie Yeo.

Peachy Skin Bar has four main SHR services, such as the Itsy, Bitsy, Teenie Weenie, and Peachy Polka Dot Bikini. Each service is paired with a supplementary Fuzz+ Therapy service, which comprises an oxygen spray and soothing mask post-SHR.

Crystal focuses on pampering every customer by adapting to the specific skincare essentials of the Covid-19 era, such as the problem of ‘maskne’. Ultimately, the brand aims to become the one-stop-solution for affordable and personalised skin and body care services in Singapore.

The company has also adopted a membership model similar to a typical gym to enable customers to pay a fixed fee to enjoy various treatments of their choice at discounted prices with no hidden-add on. Peachy Skin Bar is one of the very few offering salons in Singapore that offers such a flexible membership model.

Peachy Skin Bar has recently opened its second outlet at Seletar Mall, following its successful debut at City Gate Mall, on 22 March 2021. The brand continues to push forth its mission of reimagining quality facial experience while promoting service and cost transparency to its customers.

We are extremely pleased to have big-name publications such as The New Paper, U-Weekly and Yahoo SG featuring the brand and several lifestyle publications such as Daily Vanity, Beauty Insider, Buro 24/7 and Honeycombers writing detailed experience articles for our client. With Saltine, Peachy Skin Bar also received publicity from other media friends who have featured our client, including Alvinology, Ladies Cue, SG Magazine, Girl Style and Parents World.

Saltine Communications is proud to be the PR agency on record for Peachy Skin Bar. Drop us a note at hello at to find out how we can get your brand onto the media at affordable rates.

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