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Walking on Sunshine Spearheads the Experience Economy by Boasting the Best of Both Worlds

Updated: Jul 7

While we are inundated with the rise of “instagrammable” cafes and salons in Singapore, most of them fall short of ticking all the checkboxes needed to stake a real claim at the throne. Walking on Sunshine is certainly not one of them. By bringing exquisite service and originality into a plant-filled paradise, Walking on Sunshine has carefully calibrated a concept that leaves most millennials starry-eyed and ready to take clicks.

Like any other successful business, Walking on Sunshine plugs the gaping hole in the hair salon industry by boasting a mouth-watering menu in their cafe for customers to patronize while waiting. As if the scrumptious Korean-fusion meals and unique drinks food weren’t enough to mesmerize their guests, the cafe-salon is packed to the brim with up to 1000 plants and flowers, easily being the most instagrammable cafe of them all.

By operating as a twin service, it is hard to pinpoint either the cafe or the salon as being the centrepiece of the Korean brand - both are equally impressive and complement one another. Walking on Sunshine beauty salon proudly features a professional team of global hairstylists and world-class customer service. Their range of specialized services includes haircuts, wash, perm, colour, scalp treatment as well as nail and foot care – all with an 8-day retouching guarantee!

On the other hand, Walking on Sunshine features a cafe that will unleash the inner foodie in everyone, with a brand-new concept of beauty and dining. The cafe boasts drinks that don’t just sound intriguing but taste amazing too – such as the Butter Cream Latte, Coconut Smoothie Coffee, Ginseng Smoothie and Apple of His Eye. With younger Singaporeans hooked to the global Korean craze, the cafe poses a tantalizing prospect for millennials by taking the best of Western cuisine and adding a Korean twist.

The most eye-catching element of the brand was its relevance to the experience economy. While savouring the excellent hair services, the Sunshine experience includes complimentary salads, fresh juices and gentle massages while listening to soothing music from their high-quality Bose speakers. On top of bringing nature to the forefront of the beauty and dining experience, this emphasis on maximizing customer satisfaction was further accentuated by their special ‘PPP’ promotion. This pre-Covid promotion was available every Wednesday, where ladies could enjoy free-flow Prosecco, dry hair styling, anti-wrinkle neck care, a photoshoot and goody bag, for just $30!

We simply couldn’t help sharing with our journalist friends about this multi-sensory paradise in the middle of town and inviting them down for a curated Media Experience Session to treat their locks - and their tastebuds! We were delighted to connect many eager publications with Walking on Sunshine to get them to head down to the hidden gem, located at Orchard Central, for the complete experience. The journalists were greeted with the dazzling atmosphere and welcoming staff who wrap them in a soothing silken robe followed by a therapeutic hair washing session and a chosen hair treatment. Fumiko, from Geek Culture, was particularly impressed with the Miracle Aqua Treatment which included a new technology called the Ice Iron, used to freeze your hair to subzero temperatures to repair damaged hair. In her article, she applauded the expertise of the salon staff and found it “interesting to have your hair rapidly cooling on your scalp and becoming colder than an icicle to touch.”

Following the hair treatment session, the journalists were treated to a mouth-watering meal at the cafe. The Koren-Western fusion menu was also highly rated by the enthusiastic journalists from Cuisine and Wine Asia, Champa and Syarifah, who described the famous Souffle Pancakes as “lovely clouds of fluffy pancakes with thick, yet airy cream and filled with fresh fruit”. Unsurprisingly, it was the drinks section that gained the most traction, with Katherine from Asia 361 pointing out that the stand out drink from the menu was the Ginseng Smoothie, adding that empty glass was a “testament to how much I enjoyed the drink”.

Building on this successful campaign, we received an equally exciting response for the latest Cinderella Treatment which was dubbed as the “#No.1 Cinderella Treatment in Singapore” by Singapore’s Finest due to the secret ingredient - Naturia. Charizz, who visited the salon on behalf of the publication, left no stones unturned with her high praise for the treatment, labelling it the “ultimate saviour for unmanageable and damaged hair that could last up to 2-3 months”.

We are extremely pleased to have big-name publications such as The New Paper and The Business Times featuring the brand and several lifestyle publications such as Geek Culture and Asia 361 writing detailed experience articles for our client - it is no doubt that Walking on Sunshine received the publicity it so richly deserves! Other media friends who have kindly featured our client include: CNA 938 (Radio), CNA Luxury, 8 World, Girl Style (Instagram), 8 Days, Youth.Sg, Cuisine & Wine Asia, TODAY, The Peak, Home and Decor, FEMALE, Hype & Stuff (Instagram) and Myfarrahdise.

Saltine Communications is proud to be the PR agency on record for Walking On Sunshine (under the Initia group of brands). Drop us a note at hello at to find out how we can get your brand onto mainstream media publications, radio and broadcast at affordable rates.

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Published by Sally Yeo, Saltine Communications

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