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Hear from Bulgogi Syo’s PR Agency: Saltine Communications Cooked Up a Media Frenzy

Updated: Jun 8

Follow us along our journey as Bulgogi Syo’s dedicated PR agency in Singapore for 2023 and uncover the media strategies behind an effective PR campaign for the brand’s new outlet launch at The Woodleigh Mall.

Singaporeans are no stranger to Korean food, which countless Korean food establishments all around Singapore, feeding the local palate for Korean cuisine, which has largely been driven by the rise in Korean culture, aptly dubbed the K-Wave across Singapore, due to the proliferation of K-Pop and K-Dramas, which have been exponentially gaining popularity among the Singaporean masses.

When talking about Korean food in Singapore, it can be difficult to differentiate the different restaurants as they have largely similar offerings, and are usually priced around the same price point. Amidst the crowded Korean food space, one establishment has quickly emerged as a contender for lighting up the scene (literally) with their fiery barbequed meat experience. Bulgogi Syo, the brain child and passion project of chef Chul Park of Korean brand Seorae, serves up a gastronomical experience that lights up all of our senses.

In Korean, Bul means fire, while Gogi means meat, and Syo means a show or experience. That is the very essence of what Bulgogi Syo aims to bring to their diners. Unlike other establishments serving up bulgogi, Bulgogi Syo offers up more than just marinated Korean barbeque meats. A special three-step process - sear, torch, and flambe - is used to cook its quality cuts of meat. This elevates the dishes beyond the usual smokey, slightly charred flavours you get at most Korean barbeque restaurants.

To deliver this novel fiery concept of cooking meat, the meat is seared on hot stones to ensure even browning and juiciness, torched to create a smoky aroma and charred texture, and showmanship is displayed with tableside flambes. A meal at Bulgogi Syo promises a sensory extravaganza for diners, with their open kitchen and tableside flambes. This novel dining experience has attracted many diners to their 2 outlets at Bugis Junction and The Woodleigh Mall, from Korean barbeque aficionados to curious folk looking to experience this pioneering kind of Korean dining experience.

Saltine Communications is proud to be the PR agency on record for BMDP 2022 and 2023. We’re happy and honoured to be able to celebrate our clients’ achievements alongside them! Drop us a note at to find out how we can get your brand onto the media at affordable rates.

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