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Feel Good, Look Good: DMK Celebrates Women from All Walks of Life

Updated: Jun 8

The COVID-19 pandemic has struck the lives of many around the world, especially vulnerable groups of women. During the Circuit Breaker period from 7 April 2020 to 1 June 2020, Singapore reported an increase in referrals and calls related to domestic conflicts and violence faced by women. In comparison to the two weeks before and after the Circuit Breaker started, the NGO-operated Family Violence Specialist Centres saw a 37-percent increase in calls for help.

In support against domestic violence, local footwear brand DMK released its #feelgoodDMK collection and pledged a part of the sales proceeds towards The Star Shelter Fund, a temporary refuge for women and their children who are survivors of domestic violence.

The campaign was released in line with International Women's Month (March 2021) to celebrate powerful women as they put their best foot forward into society and the many indispensable roles they take on in their lives. Through its proceeds, DMK hopes to shine a light on domestic violence in Singapore and encourage women to speak up and courageously move on from their predicament.

The #feelgoodDMK collection also honoured women from all walks of life with its empowering campaign ambassadors including Youtuber and podcaster Brenda Tan, model Ann Lopez, content creators Jessica Tham and Soniya Asyira Arman.

With bold strides forward, these ladies do not shy away from speaking about the challenges and hurdles faced in their respective careers. Overall, the collection showcased a series of comfortable yet chic sneakers that provide comfort in every step, a small reminder that feeling good is just as important as looking good.

In fact, DMK’s first steps into the footwear industry began with a desire to help women to achieve the perfect balance between looking good and feeling good in what they wear. With that in mind, DMK made it their top priority to mesh the best of both worlds; by designing gorgeous shoes that dressed women’s feet, with the promise of utmost comfort. With its presence in the footwear industry in the last two decades, DMK has become one of the leading fashion footwear brands in Singapore with a large, loyal following.

With its mission to support women in Singapore, it brings great joy for the Saltine team to have them featured in great publications such as The Straits Times, Lifestyle Collective, SG Magazine, Honeycombers, TimeOut, The Ladies Cue, and GirlStyle.

Saltine Communications is proud to be part of DMK’s PR Campaign. Do reach out to us at for a chat and find out how to get your brand the attention it deserves.

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