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Unveiling Confidence: Ensoul Clinic's ‘Skin-tillating’ Journey with their PR Agency, Saltine Communications!

Updated: Jun 8

There is no better place to achieve a transformative skin journey and health, than our own Ensoul Clinic, setting a strong and inspiring example in Singapore’s skincare industry. Join us behind the scenes of the fruitful collaborative venture between Ensoul Clinic and their representing PR agency, Saltine Communications as we delve into the extraordinary world of skin rejuvenation and personalized aesthetic care.

In today's landscape, Dr. Kenneth Thean, the founder of Ensoul Clinic understood that the pursuit of impeccable skin transcends gender boundaries. Beyond a great haircut and a stylish wardrobe, men are increasingly investing in their skin health, acknowledging its pivotal role in their overall appearance and confidence. Alongside this, he also wisely acknowledged the need for transparency, education, and honesty – endlessly implementing these practices in his beauty clinic till date. 

Understanding the profound impact of skin on holistic health, Dr. Thean and his team continue to curate bespoke solutions for diverse skin concerns, backed by education to empower patients in their skin health journey. At Ensoul, it's not merely about concealing imperfections; it's about instilling confidence through cutting-edge technology. Dr. Thean, a living testament to the efficacy of good skin practices, emphasizes realistic expectations, bridging the gap between treatments and skin education.

With years of expertise and leadership in aesthetic energy-based devices, Dr. Thean stands as a trusted opinion leader, advocating for long-term skin solutions. Ensoul offers an extensive array of treatments, from advanced acne therapies to rejuvenating facials and state-of-the-art skin tightening procedures.

Some of Ensoul's cutting-edge treatments include, but are not limited to:

  • Acne IPL Therapy

  • Deep Pigmentation Removal

  • Collagen Booster Treatments

  • Ultherapy Facelift

  • Under Eye SmoothLift

  • And a wide range of other personalized treatments catering to diverse skin concerns.

Dr. Thean's philosophy revolves around skin education, ensuring patients comprehend treatment protocols and fostering realistic skin care practices for enduring results.

Saltine Communications takes pride in being Ensoul Clinic’s PR agency and in partnering with them to amplify their mission of empowering individuals through skin health. Connect with us at to explore collaborative opportunities with our PR agency and elevate your brand's presence in the aesthetics landscape.

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