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The Sims IRL: Saltine Communications Shares Its Efforts in Branding Homeez as the “Shopee” of Home Renovation

Updated: Jun 8

Follow us along our journey as Homeez’s dedicated PR agency in positioning the brand as a credible, top-of-mind source for home renovations. Delve into the media strategies driving an effective PR campaign for the collaboration, shaping our client as the ultimate destination for home improvement projects.

With the 1% increase in GST, the sky-high costs of renovation is only getting higher. The price of cement has increased by up to 20 per cent, while steel – a key material for construction – has gone up about 50 per cent. A moderate renovation for a 4-room HDB flat averages at S$45,600, while an extensive renovation can escalate to S$120,000. 

Renovation firms in Singapore are also painting a bleak picture, warning homeowners of price hikes of up to 20 per cent and renovation delays as the industry as a whole fights against shortage of manpower and resources. 

Beyond the aesthetic concerns and the stress of significant decision-making, homeowners grapple with the opaque nature of the renovation process. The lack of transparency in the industry encompasses a myriad of issues spanning from hidden costs to inflated expectations. 

Spotting this issue as an opportunity, Homeez emerged as Singapore’s pioneering “reno-tech” company, leveraging technology to directly link homeowners with suppliers. Its free-to-use, design-it-yourself tool, DesignAI, empowers homeowners to conceptualise their dream spaces aling with cost estimates based on these plans. It also has a dashboard to manage renovation projects. The outcome? Homeowners enjoy up to 40% cost-savings for its users by eliminating the middleman, unnecessary delays and rectification work. They also get to take ownership of their design visions. 

Hoping to establish the brand as a comprehensive destination for users from all walks of life with diverse aesthetic preferences, Saltine Communications has also diligently curated features for Homeez in articles exploring various interior design trends and vibes, ranging from rustic to minimalistic designs.

Saltine Communications is proud to be Homeez’s PR agency on record for this campaign in Singapore. We’re honoured to be able to celebrate our clients’ achievements alongside them as their dedicated PR agency in Southeast Asia! Drop us a note at to find out how we can get your brand onto the media at affordable rates. 

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