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Less is More: meeth takes over Asia Beauty Scene with Skinimalist products

Updated: Jun 8

Enter meeth, a luxury skincare brand founded by renowned Japanese celebrity and former model Sonmi. The skincare brand emphasizes the philosophy of skin, innovation and naturalness. With meeth, you can forget the complex and time consuming 10-step routines to daily skincare. The birth of meeth stemmed from Sonmi’s great interest in skincare and her own personal desire to make quality skincare products available to everyone. As a firm advocate of skin minimalism or skinimalism, Sonmi incorporates the best of Japanese innovation and nourishing ingredients into meeth’s wide range of skincare products.

Skinimalism strips off the mindless ways of caking on skincare products and embraces a more minimalistic approach by allowing our real skin to glow from within. Minimalistic and multi-purpose products are extremely popular among Japanese women, and it seems like the rest of the world wants in.

meeth does this by keeping it simple. Sonmi’s vision is encapsulated in meeth’s philosophy: “Beautiful Skin is the Best Jewel”. With that in mind, meeth has gone to great lengths to ensure that those who use their products are only getting the very best.

The secret behind their success lies in their transparency; what you see is what you get. The brand showcases its product quality by revealing each of the products’ ingredients and the roots of where they are sourced from. Each product is brimmed with three main elements: water, freshness and quality ingredients. meeth utilizes highly nutritious water to maintain its product quality.

Having successfully navigated through the notoriously cut-throat Japanese skincare market, meeth’s products have naturally emerged as cult favourites of many skin enthusiasts. Their best-selling Morerich Pack is a cotton facial mask that contains Carbon dioxide and Mineral purified water. Morerich has a patented process in which carbon dioxide mixes with gel and gradually penetrates the skin, promising to leave your face with a refined sheen. Simply put, we love the sheet out of it. Another favourite is the Twelvement Day Cream, an ultra-nourishing day cream with a lightweight, non-greasy texture that is dry to the touch. It meets a wide array of skincare needs, and even better, it’s suitable for all skin types.

Sticking to their core of keeping things simple, meeth has recently undergone rebranding and a change of logo. Wishing to grow sustainably as a brand, their new packaging incorporates the use of eco-friendly, recyclable materials. By delivering on its promise, it is no wonder that meeth has won the trust and praise of many.

As meeth continues sparking joy inside and out, we are thrilled to have meeth featured in big-name publications such as Her World, 8World, UWeekly and Prestige. With Saltine, meeth has also garnered publicity from other publications, including Vanilla Luxury, Nuyou, Lifestyle Collective and The Ladies Cue.

Saltine Communications is proud to be the PR agency for meeth. Do reach out to us at for chat and find out how to get your brand the attention it deserves.

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