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Smart Vehicle Management App Motorist Simplifies the Lives of Everyday Car Owners in Singapore

Updated: Jun 8

In 2015, Motorist founder Damian Sia faced difficulties trying to sell his car on his own. Being a first-time seller, Damian encountered a plethora of challenges, from unethical buyers trying to take advantage of his inexperience, to navigating the complexities of the sales and vehicle transfer processes. Realising these were common problems in the car transaction market, Damian wanted to create a reliable third-party platform to provide both new and seasoned car owners professional assistance and connect them to certified and credible buyers.

To date, Motorist has become a pillar of support to over 467,000 drivers and has completed $619,000,000 in vehicle transactions securely and successfully. In the last 6 years, the Motorist app has developed itself into a one-stop super-app for vehicle ownership for Singaporean drivers. With the Motorist app, over 100,000 users are offered features and services to guide them through every step of vehicle ownership.

The goal of Motorist has remained the same since its inception - to simplify vehicle ownership for everyday drivers. The app is now brimming with a range of features to help drivers on the road, and services to aid the processes of vehicle sales and maintenance.

With its mission to support local drivers with car ownership, Motorist hopped on board with Saltine to share its incredible app with the community of drivers in Singapore. Our team brainstormed effective PR strategies to showcase Motorist’s plethora of features and services to the public.

Through a collaborative relationship with Motorist, it has brought us great delight to work together with the company to provide them with the media exposure they deserve. We’ve had Motorist featured in publications such as Channel News Asia, Bloomberg, Business Times and more.

Saltine Communications is proud to be part of Motorist’s PR Campaign. Do reach out to us at for a chat and find out how to get your brand the attention it deserves.

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