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Industry Pioneers Remain Riveting: NatSteel Stands Strong in the Construction Industry as Leaders in

Updated: Jun 8

The construction industry in Singapore is not only integral to our nation-building efforts but also constitutes a major part of our economy. The Building and Construction Authority has forecasted the demand for construction to rise as high as $35 billion SGD in 2023, reflecting the intensive development efforts that will continue to take place on the ground.

While the global pandemic may have taken a heavy toll on the construction industry, one particular pioneer has managed to stand strong. As a key partner in the early days of nation-building efforts, NatSteel Group has established themselves as a contributor to renowned construction projects such as the internationally recognised Changi International Airport and Marina Bay Financial Centre. With 60 years of experience and counting, NatSteel continues to grow its stake in the construction industry both locally and regionally.

To further develop themselves as leaders in steel production, NatSteel has also committed themselves to sustainable steel solutions while maintaining a premium level of quality. Through their steel mill, they put 100% recycled metal scrap through rigorous radiation checks, ensuring both safety and standard.

The Saltine team has had a wonderful experience spearheading NatSteel’s PR campaigns. With a slight twist from the typical media features we have secured for our other brands, Saltine Communications has assisted NatSteel in developing a strong Crisis Communications Plan which strategically takes preventive steps to avoid communication gaps during emergencies. We have also had the pleasure of working with them on social media strategies which include regular monitoring and analyses to stay afloat of current trends and cycles.

Saltine Communications is proud to be the chosen PR agency for NatSteel. Do reach out to us at for a chat and find out how to get your brand the attention it deserves.

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