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Shake that pandemic weight away with The Happy Moo - World’s First Shaker Jerky!

Updated: Jun 8

We hear the phrase "work smart" all the time, but have you heard of "snack smart?" That's what you can expect from The Happy Moo; with no fat, carbs, or MSG, it's the ideal guilt-free snack to keep in your snack drawer.

Many of us are retreating into the safety and comfort of our homes in this current climate. However, when our four walls become a little boring, snacking is the perfect way to pass time. It's no wonder that 35.82% of people reported they gained weight during quarantine!

However, in the face of this never-ending pandemic, it is critical to maintaining one's health while being cheerful. Andrew Lim, an underwater photographer from Singapore, had a lightbulb moment when he realized he could combine his passion for beef jerky with his desire to be healthy. Andrew took matters into his own hands and created the world's first shaker jerky as an all-in-one product. Each bag of beef jerky is hand-crafted and takes over 17 hours to prepare; it is marinated for over 12 hours in a combination of all-natural herbs and spices before being slowly cooked to delicate perfection. A single bag of jerky (100g) is prepared from about 230g of beef, making it literally a steak in a bag!

Each bag of jerky also comes with a separate pack of premium, all-natural seasoning, directly flown in from Europe and Japan. Inspired by popular Asian flavours such as Mala, Lemon Ponzu and all-time favourite Truffle, enjoy beef jerky customised specifically for the local Singaporean’s palette. With the seasoning coming in a separate pack, you have the option to control the amount of flavour you want in your jerky and have it just the way you like it! Simply add the seasoning, #ShakeThatMoo, and enjoy! The Happy Moo is a breath of fresh air in comparison to the standard store-bought jerkies, where customers are forced to choose between bland flavours like teriyaki, original, and black pepper (boring!)

The Happy Moo was sold out within 5 minutes of its launch on May 31st! This overwhelming success has him working round the clock filling in pre-orders for as early as two weeks in advance. We're ecstatic at Saltine Communications to be able to introduce this delectable, healthy twist on a classic snack to the global gastronomic scene! HappyMoo has begun to shake its way through many hearts and souls after receiving coverage from the following media:

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