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Union Power Establishes Themselves as The Ultimate Powerhouse in the Electricity Sector

Updated: Jun 8

Electricity consumption has become an increasingly integral part of daily life and especially with the trends of work-from-home arrangements, household electricity consumption patterns are on the rise. As the Open Electricity Market experiences a massive influx of brands trying to stake a claim, Union Power continues to remain as the leaders in the midst of ever-growing competition.

Led by Executive Director Ellen Teo, the subsidiary of Union Energy entered the playing field of the electricity sector as recent as 2017. In the years to follow, Union Power has quickly evolved from a small 8-man team to a strength exceeding 30 in a short span of time. Even though they may be a relatively newcomer in the oversaturated Open Electricity Market, Union Power’s competitive pricing and various value-adds quickly fuels their growth and success amidst the challenges. Especially with their competitive tariff rates and various bill rebates, Union Power continues to establish its place amongst many others, while putting its customers first.

Placing great importance on creating trust and relationship with its existing customers through their multiple touchpoints across households and industries, their 24/7 online customer portal ensures that their customers are given fast and hassle-free processes. Union Power’s rating of 4.5 stars in terms of customer satisfaction also serves as a true reflection of them as the go-to electricity retailer for customers. With their customers at the centre of their vision, it is no wonder that Union Power remains a top-choice in the eyes of many.

Maintaining a forward-looking mindset, Union Power continues to evolve with their plans to expand into the green energy sector through Union Solar. Through looking into green energy solutions, the young brand is set to pioneer the introduction of thin-film solar panels into the local market, which promotes the efficient offsetting of carbons and even at a lower installation cost. The young brand’s innovative solutions especially attest to their continuous efforts towards sustainability, which has also garnered positive reactions by many consumers.

Speaking with Gracia from The New Paper on being a female leader in a male-dominated industry, Ellen reflects on facing up to the numerous challenges of balancing work and family, as well as how she has bravely taken them in her stride. To other women who are in positions of leadership, she encourages them to “have confidence and give confidence to your team to move forward. Step out of your comfort zone, step into the male-dominated field and create your footprint.”

As for demonstrating her expertise in the energy business, Ellen is no exception. On MoneyFM 89.3 she shares about Union Power’s entrance into the competitive Open Electricity Market and their adaptive responses to the ever-changing needs of Singapore. Speaking about their forward-looking strategies, Ellen reflects, “You shouldn't be limited to existing deployable technologies. You should be looking at what the future is and how we can participate in it. Looking at existing energy storage trends or even keeping abreast with IOT solutions are the things that Union Power and Union Solar have been doing.”

As Union Power continues to power their way to the top, we’re delighted to have them featured in publications such as The New Paper, The Peak, and INDVSTRVS. We’re also proud to have Ellen speaking on radio channels such as MoneyFM 89.3 and CNA938 to share more about the wonderful work that Union Power has done and what they have in store for the future.

Saltine Communications is proud to be the PR agency on record for Union Power. Drop us a note at to find out how we can get your brand onto the media at affordable rates.

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