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Behind the Scenes with Zerest Audio’s PR Agency: Saltine Communications Shakes up the Sound Waves!

Updated: Jun 8

Embark on an exhilarating exploration into the world of wireless audio innovation with Zerest Audio. Join us behind the curtains of our PR agency, Saltine Communications, as we unveil the intricate strategies fueling the collaboration between Zerest Audio's cutting-edge technology and global outreach. 

In the realm of wireless audio innovation, Zerest Audio's Kagami Wireless Earbuds stand as a testament to meticulous design and technological brilliance. Engineered to deliver an immersive auditory experience, these earbuds redefine comfort and performance. Weighing a mere 2.4g per earbud and equipped with 10 mm Titanium Dynamic Drivers and Balanced Armature Drivers, they encapsulate the essence of your favorite melodies, ensuring unparalleled clarity and depth. The union of advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology and IPX5 Water Resistance certification ensures a seamless wireless encounter, capable of enduring intense workouts both indoors and outdoors, come rain or shine.

Behind the scenes lies the tale of Jeremy Lim and Melissa Lim, the visionary duo behind Zerest Audio's inception in 2021. Jeremy's expertise as a consumer tech enthusiast and Melissa's scientific research background converged to birth a company dedicated to crafting superior audio technology. Their commitment to perfection culminated in the Kagami Wireless Earbuds—a product born from a year-long development process, reflecting Zerest Audio's unwavering dedication to quality and innovation.

The earbuds' reception echoed this dedication, evidenced by an overwhelming 228% oversubscription during their recent Kickstarter campaign. This resounding success reflects not only the earbuds' quality but also the fervent anticipation within the community for groundbreaking audio technology. Zerest Audio's journey symbolizes more than innovation; it embodies a passion for delivering an unparalleled auditory adventure, inviting enthusiasts to elevate their audio experience through the Kagami Wireless Earbuds' exceptional performance and design.

Saltine Communications is proud to be the PR agency for Zerest Audio, which has achieved remarkable milestones, marking a journey of innovation and excellence. As the dedicated PR agency partnering with Zerest Audio, it's an honor to stand by Zerest Audio, amplifying their achievements in the realm of wireless audio innovation. Reach out to us at to explore how we can elevate your brand's presence in the media landscape wiith affordable and effective strategies.

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